Are you a CONTENT CREATOR looking for a way to reward your loyal supporters with exclusive content? Look no further, you provide the material - Photos, Music, Videos, even Zips. and we will take care of the rest. An entire network at your fingertips hassle-free.

How it works for PMSers

Everyone can see your free posts, and supporters can pay a monthly subscription to view your exclusive ones. In exchange, you keep doing what you love.

Also, you can get a ton of tips from your most advocate fans.

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How it works for PMS Supporters

Do you love what your favorite content creators posts? Whether entertaining and/or useful to you, wish you could reward them by offering your well appreciated support!? Well now you have the means to do so by using our platform.

Find their profile by username or link provided by the creator to join the Xclusive club.


Our fees explained

We'll take 7% to cover expenses like transaction fees and our platform running fees.

Nothing else is hidden or unclear. We will take care of the hassle.

Creators Earnings Simulator

Audience Size 1000
Membership Fee $ $900

$850 Per Month

Estimate includes the 7% platform fee.

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